Benefit Performance, or, The Other Jew

“Shame is something you feel; humiliation is something that happens to you. It’s our own fault if we feel ashamed. I used to feel ashamed: of not being like my brother; of being a Jew. Early in my life, I vowed that never again would I let myself feel ashamed. But it took years for me to make a vow that was much harder … harder because it means taking control of something over which one has so little control. I vowed that I would never let myself be humiliated.”


Benefit Performance



2m, 2f



available for production

About the play:

In 1858 New Orleans, theatre manager and playwright George Washington Lazarus has two problems on his hands, and both of them involve trial scenes:  an actor in his own company has chosen to play Shylock for a benefit performance; and his trial for first-degree murder begins the next day.  Lazarus refuses to defend himself; but his wife and daughter may have other plans.



  • Tufts University, March, 2019.


Download the latest version of the script at NPX
or contact the playwright directly.

Direct all inquiries about performance rights to the playwright.



Poster by Jordan Semprevivo


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